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Fitzroy Gardens

Considered among the best attractions to visit, the Fitzroy Gardens have a history that dates back more than 150 years. Amidst its lush greenery visitors would discover many horticultural treasures to admire. The garden enthusiast would be delighted with a visit to the Conservatory. The building gains its inspiration from a Spanish mission and was opened on the 13th of March in 1930. Nestled inside are carefully manicured flowers that bloom and change with the season.

Those visiting during the months from November to February will be treated to an array of Hydrangea and Fuchsia in bloom. From February to April, the beautiful Tuberous Begonia and Gloxinia can be seen. From April though to July, visitors will enjoy the sight of Poinsettias and tropical flowers in bloom; whilst the months from July through to September Cineraria and Cyclamen come to out to bloom. And from September to November, visitors can take in the sight of Schizanthus and Calceolaria in bloom. Rest assured that the view will be an explosion of colour and a feast for the senses no matter the season.

Yet another attraction that is tucked in to the picturesque precincts of the Fitzroy Gardens is Captain Cook’s house. Reportedly to be the home of his parents who he visited frequently, the cottage was transported from Yorkshire, England, the house is a tribute to the life of the world famous explorer who was said to have discovered East Australia.

The Fairies Tree is an attraction in the Fitzroy Garden that the junior members of the family would enjoy. Carved in to a Red Gum tree that is well over 300 years old are fairies, dwarfs, koalas, foxes and indigenous birds and animals. Scarred trees are also an additional highlight of the gardens. Scarred trees are those that have the bark removed by indigenous Australians for the use of making canoes and other household needs, and today are considered as part and parcel of the Australian heritage.

The Tudor Village at the centre of the gardens is a delight to see. Designed around a typical village found in Kent, England, miniature thatched cottages, village church, barns, stocks, school, hotel and public buildings can be found. A scaled version of Anne Hathaway’s home and Shakespeare’s home can also be seen.

Whilst remaining in the heart of the city, guests at anexecutive apartment in Melbournesuch as from Citadines on Bourke Melbourne will enjoy visiting the many attractions the gardens have to offer.