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Giant Buddha

The Giant Buddha, also known as the Tian Tan Buddha, has become one of the most famous and visited attractions in Hong Kong. Located amid the picturesque scenery of Lantau Island, this bronze Buddha statue is reputed to be the world's largest outdoor seated Buddha image. This magnificent work of art lies atop the Ngong Ping plateau in a scenic mountainous area close to the Buddhist quarters of the Po Lin Monastery.

The existence of the Giant Buddha statue is believed by locals to symbolise Hong Kong's harmonious balance between man, nature and religion. Several worshippers and tourists alike visit the attraction for both worship and sightseeing reasons. The height of the Buddha statue reaches a majestic height of 34 metres and is over 250 tonnes in weight. The statue depicts the Buddha seated on a bronze lotus throne and is surrounded by several other smaller Buddha statues.

The Giant Buddha took over 10 years to construct and was opened to the public in 1993. To reach the platform of this imposing statue, visitors are required to climb approximately 268 steps. From here, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountain area and Lantau Island. Beneath the statue, there are 3 halls that tourists can explore namely the Hall of Benevolent Merit, the Hall of Universe and the Hall of Remembrance. A visit to the Giant Buddha would not be complete without taking the time to explore the Po Lin Monastery nearby which contains several images and figures from the Buddhist religion.

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