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Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple stands as an epitome of Hong Kong’s rich history and heritage, making it a popular tourist attraction. This ancient temple was built in the 1800’s during the period of colonial British rule and is reputed to be one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful and oldest temples. Situated between the cross roads of Ladder Street and Hollywood Road, the temple serves both as a Buddhist and Taoist site of worship.

The Man Mo Temple has been renovated many times since its conception in the early 1800’s. However, it continues to retain its original setting and appearance, emanating an aura of mystery and old world charm. A copper bell, which was constructed during the period of 1820-1850 when Emperor Daoguang was in power, continues to remain in the temple as a symbol of its rich historical background.  At one point during its existence, the temple served as a place where the law for local people regarding disputes was established and resolved in matters that could not be addressed by the British law.

There is much to explore within the interior of the Man Mo Temple. Several images of Chinese gods can be found throughout the temple – the most emphasised and worshipped figures of these being the large statues of Wenchang and Guan Yu located adjacent to each other. Intricate wooded rail bases can be seen along the floor, which were once used in transporting royal figures during parades and festivals. The smell of burning incense from large circular coils that hang from the ceiling permeates the air within the temple adding to the mystical aura of the place.

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