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Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a treasure trove of things to see and do. Citadines Ashley Hongkong gives guests the perfect opportunity to explore the city from its centrally located holiday and executive accommodation in Hong Kong.

The Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong is not only a beautiful sight, but it is an integral part of the city’s economy. The name ‘Hong Kong’ is an approximate phonetic rendering of the pronunciation of the spoken Cantonese or Hakka name and can be translated to mean ‘fragrant harbour’ in English, which aptly describes the centrepiece of the city.

This natural harbour can always be found with numerous ships, container vessels, junks and sampans floating across its surface. One of the best things to do at the Victoria Harbour would be to take a cruise. Cruises can be taken either by day or night. Those who take a cruise along the harbour during the day will be able to view the magnificent skyline of Hong Kong and pinpoint many landmark buildings along the way. There are many types of cruises which cater to every budget, from those that are on a traditional Chinese sampan to those cruises taken on a double-decker ferry with dining and music.

Those who wish to take the cruise at night will have the added advantage of viewing what has been called the World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show by Guinness World Records. Dubbed the Symphony of Lights, this special interactive light show occurs every day at 8pm. A total of 44 skyscrapers from both Hong Kong and the Kowloon peninsula participate in this nightly performance which transforms them to create a magical display.