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Longhua Temple

Citadines Biyun Shanghai offers guests the perfect opportunity to partake in both leisure and business activities from its centrally located Shanghai apart hotel. One such cultural treasure that resides comfortably in the metropolitan face of the city is Longhua Temple.

Known to be the largest Buddhist temple in the city, the Longhua Temple can be found in the Xuhui district. Built in the 10th century, this beautiful pagoda is enhanced further with peach blossom trees. The Longhua Temple has its roots starting from as far back as 247AD, and since then the temple has been reconstructed and developed further. Today, the buildings that one can see belong to the Qing Dynasty (1875 to 1909). Still an active Buddhist temple, one would see many devotees in reverence, burning incense and partaking in rituals. During spring, the peach blossoms are in full bloom and create a beautiful backdrop to the ancient grounds.

The main attraction is the Longhua Pagoda which is a seven storey structure with upturned eaves and intricate little bells hung from the rims of the roofs. The temple can only be admired from a distance, as the structure is very fragile. Yet the ring of the bells can still be heard today, as it has been for centuries.

The Longhua Temple has four main halls, and the most prominent is the Grand Hall. One cannot help but be amazed at the gilded Buddha statue that greets you flanked by 18 disciples. And once you turn your eyes towards the domed ceiling, you will discover a feast for the senses, as the intricate carving is truly inspirational. The Three Sage Hall features three incarnations of Lord Buddha above a domed ceiling that is painted in swirls of red and gold paint.

This popular Shanghai attraction has numerous features that are intriguing to observe. Be swept away by the mystique of an ancient worship site, where millions have partaken in its rituals.