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Shanghai Museum

The lure of Shanghai is hard to resist. From cultural retreats to just about every modern comfort and fancy can be found in this vibrant city of China. As one of the world’s most dynamic and fast growing cities, Shanghai excels in many industries and tourism is just one of them. Explore this thriving metropolis and discover a city where the new and old collide in seamless chaos.

A glimpse in to the glorious past of China is easily accomplished by visiting the Shanghai Museum. Located in the Huangpu District on Nanjing Road, this popular tourist attraction in Shanghai is a must visit for those who appreciate art and the exploration of anthropology.

The Shanghai Museum has a collection that spans over 120,000 pieces, which includes art, bronze works, ceramics, jade, furniture, sculptures, paintings and coins. Many rare, rich and beautiful pieces of art can be found at the museum. Whilst its efforts to educate, research, conserve, acquisitions and cultural exchanges with other institutions is highly commendable. The architecture of the building alone is representative of the Chinese beliefs and philosophy. The base of the Shanghai Museum is square and the top is rounded, this is reflective of the concept that the earth is square and the sky is round.

There are eleven specialised galleries in the museum, and three temporary exhibition halls. Displaying the value of bronze works in the Shang and Zhou dynasty, visitors will be surrounded by artefacts from the ancient Chinese civilization in the Gallery of Chinese Ancient Bronze. It was traditional for Chinese paintings to be on silk and Xuan paper, and the Gallery of Chinese Paintings portrays this age old art magnificently. Other galleries that can be found in the Shanghai Museum include; Gallery of Chinese Calligraphy, Gallery of Ancient Sculpture, Gallery of Chinese Coins, Chinese Gallery of Ming and Qing Dynasty Furniture, Gallery of Seals, Chinese Ancient Jade and Chinese Minority Nationalities’ Art Gallery.

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