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Yuyuan Garden

Considered to be one of the finest and most beautiful gardens in the region, the Yuyuan Garden is an extremely popular tourist attraction in Shanghai. The garden has a rich history that goes back over 400 years in time, and is a serene and relaxing getaway amid the hustle and bustle of the city. The place is filled with many halls, pavilions, picturesque courtyards and beautiful natural scenery that consist of rockeries and ponds.

The Yuyuan Garden was initially built in 1559 by a government official from the Ming dynasty to serve as a tranquil and peaceful home for his parents. With the decline of the family’s wealth, the garden became dilapidated over time but was later reconstructed in 1760 by interested merchants. However, the garden underwent terrible damage during the 19th century Opium War. And was once again renovated and opened to the public in 1961. Today, the Yuyuan Garden is a breathtaking landscape that is sure to enchant visitors with its lovely and natural environment.

There is much to explore at the Yuyuan Garden. The entire garden can be divided into 6 primary scenic regions, namely the Wanchua Chamber, the Sansui Hall, the Huijing Hall, the Yuhuan Hall, the Diachung Hall and the Inner Garden. Each of these areas houses several attractions. For a breathtaking view of the whole garden, visit the Great Rockery near the entrance. Near this, visitors are able to pick souvenirs from the many curio stalls that are found within the quiet and elegant Cuixiu Hall. There are also several cloisters found throughout the garden.

Perhaps the most interesting attraction of the Yuyuan Garden is the famous exquisite Jade rock. Beautiful and splendid in appearance, the rock is reputed to be hundreds of years old and displays several holes. If a joss stick is held under the rock or water is poured onto it from the top, the smoke and water uniquely flows out from every single hole. Tourists are also able to see several relics such as furniture pieces, paintings, sculptures, and calligraphic inscriptions in this popular tourist attraction in Shanghai.

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