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Master of the Nets Garden

The classical gardens and picturesque waterfront of Suzhou is among the many highlights the city has to offer. This status was confirmed when the UNESCO World Heritage List declared the gardens to be of great value. Crisscrossed by canals, Suzhou is very much made up of a network of waterways that host a number of attractions, dining and shopping areas. Some of the classical gardens worth exploring are The Humble Administrator’s Garden, The Lingering Garden, The Lion Forest Garden, The Surging Wave Pavilion and Tarrying Garden.

A highlight among them is the Master of the Nets Garden that can be found in Canglang District on Dai Cheng Road. The art of Chinese gardening is something to be appreciated, as skill is required to blend art, nature and architecture to form a beautiful creation. With origins that go back as far as 800 years ago, the Master of the Nets Garden is well preserved to this day.

Although this residential garden may be small in size, the manner in which the buildings are laid out and the garden design give the illusion of space. A combination of ponds, rockery, walkways, pavilions, trees and flowers all come together to become a work of art. Divided into three areas, one may come across the central garden, inner garden and the residential area.

As with all Suzhou gardens, one will find a pavilion standing in the middle of the pond with a bridge that leads up to it. These Chinese masterpieces are created purely for the pleasure of its inhabitants. Rock and plants are blended to reflect the different seasons of the year, and in the Barrier of Cloud grotto, visitors can see a cypress tree that is said to date back to the Ming dynasty. Pine trees grow in the Master of the Nets Garden that are centuries old.

Enjoy the scenery and these natural works of art on your next travel to Suzhou. A traveller in search of a Suzhou serviced apartmentthat is centrally located and provides easy access to explore the many attractions in the city will delight in Citadines Xinghai Suzhou.