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Suzhou Silk Museum

Suzhou is a key metropolis in the southeast of eastern China. The city sprawls along the lower stretch of the famed Yangtze River and lies on the shores of the picturesque Taihu Lake. With a population of over two million, this famous cultural city holds many intriguing secrets, bound to captivate the eyes of the beholder. One such treasured attraction is the prestigious Suzhou Silk Museum.

The Suzhou Silk Museum records the history of the production of silk and Suzhou embroidery since 2000 BC. Some of the popular exhibits vary from old silk looms to samples of early silk patterns. Demonstrations are also performed to travellers visiting the museum along with an entertaining explanation of sericulture that the region is recognised for.

The most popular attraction is the silkworm hall, where visitors can view thousands of live silkworms feed on mulberry leaves. Once feasted, they release eggs and die, leaving them to grow into pearl white larvae. The larvae spins themselves into cocoons of silk and are then placed in hot water, killing the larvae. The silk cocoons are stretched to produce layers of silk and some are spun into reels.

China has been producing silk for six thousand years, since 5th century BC. The Old Silk Road is a significant geographical symbol, marking the route on which silk was exported to Asia, Europe and Africa.

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