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Tiger Hill

A beautiful city, the many ancient buildings and gardens of Suzhou are preserved and present for the generation of today admire. A blend of the old and new can be expected in this city, where splashes of neon prevail on skyscrapers, whilst charming temples and quaint neighbourhoods still exist as it would have in the hay day of Suzhou.

One of the more historic and beautiful attractions in Suzhou is Tiger Hill, that has a dated history of more than 2,500 years. In the spring and autumn period of 469BC, the ruler of Suzhou who was then known as Wu, buried his father in the grounds of this very hill. His father was regarded as a famous warrior, who fought valiantly in many a battle. Alongside his body, it is believed that there are 3,000 swords buried, as his father was a great collector of the weapon. Tiger Hill derives its name from folklore which speaks of a white tiger appearing at the burial site, 3 days after the body was lain to rest.

Situated at the North West precinct of the city, visitors residing in centrally located Suzhou furnished apartmentsfrom Citadines Xinghai Suzhou will be able to access this famous tourist attraction easily. There are many things to see and admire at Tiger Hill such as Yunyan Pagoda, Sword Pond and Wanjing Villa.

Similar to the leaning tower of Pisa, the Yunyan Pagoda which is seven stories high and over 1,000 years old and taller than the famous tower of Pisa leans towards the North West. The Sword Pond is the site of where the famous warrior is said to be buried along with his incredible collection of swords. The watery depths have never been excavated as the foundation of the Yunyan Pagoda also rests in these depths. The Wanjing Villa is an intriguing display of the ancient art of bonsai and potted plants all immaculately laid out to create miniature versions of the famous Suzhou gardens.