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Ancient City Wall

Encircling the city of Xian, the ancient city wall is described as the most well-preserved Chinese wall in existence. Bordering Xian city’s ancient part, the wall is the first landmark visitors travelling to Xian encounter. Having served as the capital city of thirteen different dynasties in the country, Xian emerged as a location worthy of a defensive structure. With this in play, the city wall was erected during the Ming Dynasty, under the rule of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhan.

The massive ancient city wall has two main entrances to the inner city; the North Gate and the South Gate. There are a number of ramparts built to prevent enemies from scaling the wall, each with a sentry building where soldiers can take refuge whilst attacking enemies. On each of the four corners of the wall is a watch tower, one is circular while the others are square shaped. The wall features a series of turrets and crenels, in addition to the watchtowers and gate towers, all bounded by a moat. The features add up to make an integrated city defence system that is paralleled by none.

The ancient city wall is a creation that has long been fascinating visitors, who prefer taking a bicycle ride on the pathway of the wall, exploring the city in all its glory. The ride provides travellers the opportunity to observe the city carefully and imagine the lifestyle of its early inhabitants. The wall looks stunning once it is lit up at night.

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