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Huaqing Hot Springs

Housing various palace complexes and a famous imperial bathing pool, Huaqing Hot Springs is located at the foot of a mountain in Lintong County and is not only famed for its graceful spring scenery, but also for the romantic love story of an emperor and his concubine during the Tang Dynasty. Huaqing Hot Springs is a National Cultural Relic and is among the Hundred Famous Gardens of China.

Enticing visitors with its ideal location in the midst of charming landscapes and its long history of 3,000 years, the site features a range of unique attractions. Two towering cedars greet the visitors as they enter through the gate. As travellers move further passing two symmetrical palace-style plunge baths, they may come across Nine-Dragon Lake, an artificial lake spreading across 5,300 square metres, creating the most captivating sceneries in the vicinity. Adorning the still waters are lotuses, emanating the sweetest fragrance, encircling a white fairy-like marble statue. Yang Guifei, the statuette that stands in the water, is regarded as one of ancient China’s most beautiful women. The sparkling lake reflects the picturesque backdrop of surrounding constructions interspersed with rocks and willows.

The Frost Flying Hall with intricate carvings and red supporting pillars is another special feature at Huaqing Hot Springs. The site of the imperial pool can be reached after strolling down southwards through several pavilions and the famed Dragon Marble Boat. Lotus Pool, Shangshi Pool, Haitang Pool, Prince Pool and Star Pool are the other five ponds housed at Huaqing Hot Springs.

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