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Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses

Once the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, which was responsible for fertilising the culture and trade in China as surely as the Huang He River nourished its soils, Xi’an witnessed the legacy of a dozen dynasties that have since passed into legend. Although the city’s glory days ended in the 10th century BC, many echoes and remnants of the golden years of China’s cultural cradle are found and preserved in the city which still appears to dream of the past.

One of the most stunning aforementioned historic remains take the form of 8,000 life-size clay soldiers, complete with hundreds of battle-ready clay horses and chariots buried inside a massive underground military necropolis, which was discovered in 1974. This site has been identified as the grand tomb of The First Emperor of Qin, the first unifier of China. It is believed that the three current archaeological digs has only yet scratched the surface of an entire citadel of riches the Emperor had ordered entombed with him to carry into the afterlife.

Each aspect of a single solider has clearly been individually crafted in great detail, from head and battle dress to weapon and belt buckle. As a result, no two effigies share the same likeness. Needless to say, this is regarded as one of the greatest archaeological findings of the 20th century and appears on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Today, the “Terracotta Army” has become synonymous with Xi’an and rivals the Great Wall as one of the primary attractions of the country.

Citadines Central Xi’anis one of the prime serviced apartments in Xi’anthat enjoys the dual advantage of being surrounded by the conveniences of the central business district while being only an hour away from the Terracotta Warriors. It’s the ideal base for leisure and business travellers to journey to and marvel at the silent sentinels of clay standing a thousand-year-long vigil over their liege.