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Shaanxi History Museum

To the northwest of the old city of Xi’an stands one of the first national museums of China – the prestigious Shaanxi History Museum, which contains over three hundred thousand artefacts of China’s long history. The museum is recognised as one of the largest state museums with contemporary facilities in China.

Constructed between 1983 and 2001, the modern establishment reflects some architectural designs of the Tang Dynasty. A large number of pottery, paintings, coins, murals and objects made out of valuable metals can be seen at the museum.

The museum covers an area of 65,000 square meters. Surviving the reigns of more than thirteen dynasties, the city is rich with cultural relics; many of which have even been on display at exhibitions held overseas including France, the United Kingdom and Germany. Many of the museum’s artefacts have been used for publications, education, scientific research and conservation, and have also been a part of many international and local exhibitions.

The galleries have been carefully designed into varying segments of introductory, temporary, special and permanent halls, including an exclusive division known as the National Painting Hall. Remnants from each of the periods have been chronologically placed to represent the gradual development of civilization in the province. Appealing to local and international travellers, the highlights include fossils of the Lantian Man, the Kneeling Archer, the Empress's Sea, The Four Footed Li and the Deer Pattern Eaves Tile.

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