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The Terracotta Warriors and Horses

China is one of Asia’s oldest nations, with over thousands of years of history and rich culture that holds together its valued traditions. Over the extensive acres of land that this rapidly developing country is built on, there are many uncovered treasures that lie beneath the layers of earth.

One such treasure was the result of an extensive excavation that was performed in the 20th century, unearthing the Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses of the Qin Dynasty. The site is located 1.5 kilometres to the east of Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s chambers in Xian, in the province of Shaanxi.

This great collection is said to be a form of funerary art, buried along with Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China, who assumed the throne at the mere age of thirteen. These wondrous terracotta sculptures depict the armies during the Qin dynasty. It is awe-inspiring to every local and international visitor, and still remains an obligatory attraction to visit in a visitors’ itinerary.

The figures were first discovered in the spring of 1974 by a group of local farmers. Varying in height, the figures depict the individual roles played as an army, the tallest of them being generals. Chariots, horses, acrobats, musicians, strongmen and warriors are among the statuettes. Archaeologists believe that a majority of the figures are still buried in its depths, apart from the three pits that have been already excavated.

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