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Golden Pavilion

Kyoto was once the imperial capital of Japan and now notably a leading metropolitan district among the other urban cities. Originally, the city was arranged in accordance to traditional Chinese feng shui with its lines of grid-patterned streets. Towards the later years, the city evolved with city skyscrapers replacing its traditional patterns with corporate streets of business.

Amidst the business district still lie remnants of Kyoto’s heritage with its many temples and pagodas that are scattered among the more urbanised areas. The Golden Pavilion is one such mesmerising structure, painted in gold leaves, surrounded by sprawling gardens and unsurprisingly listed as a World Heritage Site.

In the 1220’s, the Golden Pavilion was the holiday home of Kintsune Saionji, a Japanese warrior descended from the Takeda clan. After the abdication of his throne he began the construction and landscaping of this amazing site. Following his death, the site was converted into a Zen temple, the only feature that still stands to this day. This structure was inscribed in the list of the World Heritage Sites in 1994. The key feature of the temple is its 2nd and 3rd floors, which are covered with gold-leaf using Japanese lacquer. Upon its roof lies a Chinese phoenix. In 1987, a new coating of lacquer was applied and the elegant ceiling painting and statuette of Yoshimitsu were restored to their original grandeur.

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