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Kite Museum

Tokyo exudes a level of energy and enthusiasm that is almost palatable. Fashions fade as quickly as they are put on the shelves and the locals enjoy the fast paced life the city offers them. Beneath all the glitz, glamour and cosmopolitan outlay Tokyo offers unexpected glimpses in to their traditional way of life. The age old practise of art, dance, culture and religion is the foundation that makes up this dynamic city.

The Kite Museum is possibly the only one of its kind that exists in the world. Located near the C5 exit of Nihonbashi Station, this popular attraction in Tokyo takes the visitor through a unique and distinct world of art. Kite flying is a popular past time of the locals, and each of the items on display are so beautiful and intricately designed that they can be considered masterful works of art. Painted in brilliant colours the kites tell a story through the varying shapes and forms and motifs from Chinese and Japanese mythology.

The main exhibits at the museum are of a kite type called ‘Edo Nishike-E Dako’ which comes in strange and mystical forms. Occupying the 5th floor of a restaurant called Taimeiken, the Kite Museum has a collection that spans across typical Japanese, Chinese and Asian kites. With over 3,000 pieces to be discovered, a visitor also has the option of purchasing a souvenir kite or one that is made by a master craftsman, which can be more expensive.

Japanese kites are traditionally made from bamboo and washi, which is a handmade paper from the mulberry tree. Some of the grander kites are flown with the use of multiple strings, making the task of flying such a kite a skill.

Step into this amazing museum and be mesmerised by the large collection at hand. The traveller who wishes to explore the diversity and culture of Tokyo will appreciate the spacious environs of Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo. Likewise, business executives in search of modern Tokyo business hotelswill also be satisfied with the fine facilities and services offered.