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Tokyo Dome City

Tokyo Dome City is easily accessible from the central location of your serviced apartment in Tokyoat Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo. Situated in the centre of the city, the heart of entertainment, one may discover a host of tourist attractions all packed into one. Ideal for the whole family, a trip to this district is one that no one will want to miss.

The Tokyo Dome City is made up of a multipurpose stadium that seats up to 55,000 people, an amusement park, a hot spring spa, a game zone, bowling centre, a chance to play an interactive role play game called MagiQuest, restaurants, retailers and a multipurpose event hall.

The Tokyo Dome stadium is often referred to as the Mecca of sports in the city. One can expect to see an array of events from concerts to baseball games. The stadium is also the franchise stadium for the famous Yomiuri Giants, the local baseball team who play close to 60 games a year in the Tokyo Dome in front of packed audiences. This multipurpose arena has also seen the likes of platinum label singers such as Madonna and Michael Jackson to name a few.

LaQua of Tokyo Dome City features the city’s largest hot spring spa as well as a host of retailers, dining options as well as an amusement park. The amusement park is packed with an array of rides for the whole family, from linear roller coasters to merry-go-rounds and everything in between. Those in search of an adrenaline rush of a lifetime will surely enjoy the Thunder Dolphin that sends you rocketing at speeds of 130 kilometres per hour.

MagiQuest is a unique role play interactive game where players can keep coming back to conquer different games and challenges on any day of the week. With the use of a wand, which has an IC chip inbuilt is unique to each player and records every activity, allows players’ to continue their exploration for as long as they wish to. The list of things to do at the Tokyo City Dome is seemingly endless, leaving visitors spoilt for choice.