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Watching the world's pink dolphins at play!

Hong Kong tourist places and attractions are many, as they are varied. A modern city built on a very old civilisation, Hong Kong is a destination that offers many exciting ventures of which the most entertaining would be pink dolphin watching. There is something compelling and therapeutic about watching dolphins take the leaps and bounds in their most scenic, natural habitat. Appearing to be laughing in glee, these friendly mammals are amongst some of the most intelligent and caring of the sea and you can see this for yourself in one of the many dolphin watching cruises, such as those offered by “Hong Kong Dolphinwatch”. Offering eco friendly watching tours of the wild pink dolphin, “Hong Kong Dolphinwatch” is recognised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Endangered by nature, pink dolphins hold great fascination for not only being warm-blooded mammals in the ocean, but also for having a cerise complexion that cannot be scientifically justified. While pink dolphins’ largest clusters are on Peng Chau and Lantau Island, you can take the alternative cruise to Pearl River Delta, home to over a thousand humpback dolphins.

On a specially crafted vessel, designed to achieve minimum disturbance for the dolphins, passengers are advised not to create any commotion. However, the first sight of dolphins always brings out a cry of excitement. If you love the open ocean and if you love dolphins, then a dolphin watching tour will prove to be an unforgettable experience.