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Attractions in Suzhou

The world renowned explorer Marco Polo declared Suzhou as one of the most fascinating cities in China. Suzhou attractions are numerous ranging from perfectly manicured gardens, ancient historic places to Buddhist temples. The city can be seen as a true synergy of the ancient past and modern spirit of China. Even amidst the development, the charm of tradition and simplicity is still visible in the city of Suzhou, whilst offering a host of luxury lifestyle requirements that the travellers need.

Hanshan Temple

Located in the town of Fengqiao, the Hanshan Temple is one of the many cultural relics that still exist today. The temple to this day is still a home to Buddhist monks in China. Translated to English, Hanshan Temple means ‘Cold Mountain Temple’. more more

Tiger Hill

One of the more historic and beautiful attractions in Suzhou is the Tiger Hill, that has a dated history of more than 2,500 years. In the spring and autumn period of 469BC, the ruler of Suzhou who was then known as Wu, buried his father in the grounds of this very hill. more more

West Garden Temple

Built during the Yuan Dynasty, the West Garden is undoubtedly one of the main highlights when visiting the temple. Enveloped by lush greenery, cleansed by the calm breeze, the garden has a scenic pond that holds great significance to Buddhist worshippers. more more

Lion Grove Garden

The renowned Lion Grove Garden is one of Suzhou’s most famed and esteemed classically styled gardens. Representative of the Yuan Dynasty, the garden derives its name from its unique rockery features. more more