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Exploring Majestic Cuihua Mountain

When considering what to see in Xi'an, a destination that should be on the itinerary of every visitor is the magnificent Cuihua Mountain. The area was developed as an imperial garden during the Qin, Han and Tang dynasties and still retains the ancient grandeur. Noted for its unusual landscapes, today the area is both a recreational park as well as a site of scientific interest.

The Cuihuashan National Geo-Park, as it is now known, consists of three sections. At the Tianchi science and recreation section, visitors may admire the scenic surroundings on a boat or yacht tour, or try out their balancing skills on water walking balls. In the month of May, the sweet aroma of Huai blossoms fills the air, and visitors who like to try local foods may sample the taste of the blossoms.

Visitors can move on to the Yifangyuan ecological sightseeing section which was recently created. Tourists may traverse the winding pathways, enjoy the melodious singing of birds and inhale the pristine air in the park. Meanwhile, at the section known as the Ganqiuchi forest area, you will be able to follow the ancient pathways used by traders of times past and admire the thick pine forest.

Cuihua Mountain boasts many unusual features of nature as well as cultural attractions. The region features a myriad of unique rock formations, beautiful lakes and entrancing caves. The local museum is also an attraction worth visiting.