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Things To Do in Tokyo

Whether you travel for business or leisure, one can’t help but marvel at the numerous activities and exciting things to do in Japan. Tokyo being a vibrant industrial, historical and cultural hub, has an array of attractions ranging from ancient sites, museums, man-made awe-inspiring structures and natural parks which keep every visitor to the city busy and satisfied.

Enjoying Action Packed Sumo Wrestling at Ryogoku Stadium

Witness the ancient art of Sumo at Ryogoku Stadium, one of the key things to do during your visit to Tokyo. The stadium plays a key role in hosting three annual sumo tournaments in Japan during January, May and September. The venue is also used for other indoor events, such as boxing, pro wrestling, and music concerts. more more

Exploring the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

Visit Tsukiji Fish Market, the world’s largest wholesale fish and seafood market. There is an inner market and an outer market to visit and explore while savouring authentic Japanese cuisine at sushi restaurants. The place is truly a must-visit in Tokyo to get a glimpse of its unique local life, culture, cuisine and animation of the city. more more