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Tokyo Travel Tips

When visiting Tokyo, it is advisable to have an idea of certain general facts of the city. We provide you with several useful travel tips. Tokyo, being the busiest commercial and cultural hub in Japan, requires some preparation prior to any visit so as to help make your trip to this charismatic country a smooth one.


Tokyo has a fairly moderate climate with humid subtropical features and enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year. The best time to visit Tokyo is during the months of March and May. Tokyo experiences four seasons a year and it is advisable to bring clothing appropriate to the months each are prevalent in.


Tokyo, being Japan’s largest domestic and international hub for rail, ground and air transportation is a marvel of modern facilities for the convenience of its visitors. An extensive network of trains and subways function as the primary mode of transportation in Tokyo. Buses, monorails and trams also provide convenient transportation among the many other private travelling modes such as taxis and car-hiring.

Shopping and Business hours

Generally, shops in Tokyo are opened from 10am to 8pm throughout the week including Sundays and National Holidays. Certain department stores and shopping malls are closed twice a month on Wednesdays for a midweek break.


The official currency in Tokyo is Japanese Yen (JPY).

Time Zone