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Embark on a Cycle Tour to Bangkok Jungle

From charming religious sites and historical attractions to various shopping venues and natural sites, Bangkok tourist spots are varied and add colour to any travellers’ visit to the city. Delve into the wilderness of Bangkok by visiting Bang Kra Jao which is a short trip from Sukhumvit.

One has to cross the Chao Phraya River to find this landscape of lush greenery consisting of tropical jungle, temples, small villages and a maze of waterways. On arrival, you might feel as if you have travelled back in time as it is in stark contrast to the bustling city. You will be able to spot the city’s signature skyline in the distance even you are at Bang Kra Jao.

You can opt for a cycle tour of the jungle, bypassing local communities until you arrive at an interesting floating market. Your journey may also include a visit to a temple built during the Ayutthaya period. This more than 250-year-old temple features a distinctive roof made of teak with both its shutters and windows painted in ancient Mon-style. Continue your ride until you reach the Sri Narkon Park which is great for some leisure fun.