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Wat Pho

A country that has its origins deeply rooted and inspired by the religion of Buddhism, Thailand’s capital Bangkok holds many treasures to discover. Beyond enjoying a rewarding shopping spree, wining and dining, this age old city has many cultural relics to admire.

Known to be the oldest temple in the country, Wat Pho holds the record of being the largest of its kind. A pure vision of serenity lies in the temple in the form of the largest Buddha statue in the country. Found in a reclining position, this statue is gilded in gold and magnificent to behold. Construction of the temple originally began in 1788 and many extensions and additions took place over the years up to 1982.

At a length of 46 metres and a height of 15 metres, the reclining Buddha statue has mother of pearl inlaid into the eyes and feet. There are also 108 auspicious scenes of Lord Buddha’s life and works designed according to Chinese and Indian styles.

Wat Pho is also considered as the birthplace of the famous Thai massage. Prior to the arrival of the famous statue, the temple was said to be a centre for education on Thai medicine and statues in yoga poses can be seen in and around the compounds. King Rama III took great pains in the development of the temple, and in 1962 the Wat Pho was declared as a traditional medicine and massage centre.

The temple can be divided into two sections with the buildings in the north devoted to the famous Buddha statue and Thai massage centre. Meanwhile, the structures to the south are dedicated as the residence and school of a working monastery called Tukgawee.

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