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Snake Farm

The Snake Farm in Bangkok is an interesting and unique place to visit where a wide range of snakes are bred for the community’s welfare. This is one place in the whole country where tourists can actually enjoy being in the presence of poisonous snakes and appreciate every minute of it. The farm acts as an important anti serum production centre that is used for the treatment of snake bites and other illnesses, and as a research and conservation unit for snakes. Be prepared for a thrilling experience upon visiting this famous tourist attraction.

Also known as the Queen Saowapha Memorial Institute, the Snake Farm is situated along the Rama VI Road, close to Bangkok’s city centre. The farm’s collection of snakes include sea snakes, green pit vipers, Malayan pit vipers, Russell’s vipers, Pope’s pit vipers, cobras, Siamese cobras, king cobras and branded kraits. Much of the farm’s snake collection comprise of fierce and poisonous snakes with only a few harmless ones.

The highlight of the Snake Farm is the captivating snake show that is staged daily at the site. During this show, venomous snakes are brought under the control of experienced personnel who then demonstrates to the crowd how venom is milked from the snake for medicinal purposes. For the daring visitor, photographs can be taken with a non-poisonous snake wrapped around the visitor’s neck and arms.

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