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Royal Elephant Museum

Bangkok is a pleasurable experience, be it for shopping, dining, nightlife, sports or the arts. A city full of contrasts and contradictions, just about any traveller is bound to find something to be occupied with while on holiday or business. Steeped in culture, tradition and religion, Bangkok provides many avenues for the traveller to gain a deeper understanding of this gracious nation.

A national symbol and a deeply revered animal in Thailand remain to be the elephant. Tradition dictates that a white elephant should belong to the monarch and becomes their exclusive property. Considered a symbol of prestige and wealth, the white elephant is an albino of the Siamese elephant. Once a white elephant is found the Bureau of the Royal Household will painstakingly inspect the elephant to verify its authenticity.

Although white elephants do not exist today, a Royal Elephant Museum can be found in the grounds of the Dusit Palace. Formally the building was used as the stables of the royal elephants, but today has been converted in to a museum, which is made up of two buildings. The first building will give visitors insight in to the history of royal elephants and how the animals are classified. Several artefacts, photographs and figurines can also be found in the first building. The second building has a display model of a white elephant in full royal regalia along with other artefacts. Another highlight of the museum remains to be the fine display of elephant tusks, the longest is said to be 290 cm in length and once belonged to the auspicious white elephants.

Learn about this mystical animal that once roamed the earth when you visit the Royal Elephant Museum. Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkokoffers guests a chance to explore the many attractions in the city, while being a preferred choice for Bangkok accommodation.