Weather - Tbilisi is the perfect getaway at all times of the year. Blessed by its geographical location, it enjoys a mostly sub-tropical climate. The summers are warm and humid and winters are never extremely frigid. The mountain peaks in the north are snowcapped all year round and the western coastal areas are pleasant and balmy in nature.

Language - The official language is Georgian, but many of the locals understand Russian.

Currency - Georgia’s currency is the lari (GEL). Bank notes come in denominations of one, two, five, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 lari, and coins come in one tetri to two lari. ATMS are widely available and credit cards are commonly used at some hotels, restaurants and shops in the city.

Getting in - Tbilisi International Airport is located 1.7 kilometres southeast of the city centre. There are various ways to get out of the airport - mostly by bus, train or taxi. Bus 37 operates from 7AM to 8PM, shuttling passengers to the city centre for 0.50 GEL. A taxi into the city will cost approximately 20 to 30 Lari, and trains take about 30 minutes and cost 0.50 GEL.