Airport - KempeGowda International Airport (BLR) is located in Devanahalli, approximately 40 kilometres from Bangalore’s central business district (MG Road) and 30 kilometres away from Bangalore City Railway Station.

Weather - Bangalore features a moderately warm climate all year round. The winter months (between September to March) are the most popular with visitors, when temperatures flit between 28C to 32C (82F to 90F). In the summer (March to May), temperates can peak at 38C (100F), making the city quite unbearable to be in.

Connectivity - The city is full of Internet Centres that charge about Rs 10-25 per hour. Select malls, restaurants and hotels offer free internet services. You can also purchase an internet dongle/high speed 4G dongle that would aid in better connectivity.

Pubs - Bangalore has the largest collection of pubs in India. You might want to head out before dinner as they close early every night.

Drinking Water - Try not to drink tap water. You can buy bottled water at convenience stores all around the city. 

Safety - Crime rate is low in Bangalore, but it’s no reason not to practice some self-awareness.